Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I just don't know how...

Sigh...I feel so down today. How people can claimed they are so sincere, so not judgemental but yet that what they're doing? And I don't know how to stand for it..I just nodded and keep people doing the same thing to me over and over...(I bukan apa nani, I ingat you mcm adik I sbb tu I tegur, kalau I tak tegur tu maknanya you is nobody to me..) but it is not tegur it is accusing!!

I try to look for the best part or the positive side but I can't because I knew I am not wrong. The toughest part, I cannot or unable to fight or to speak up because People will say I try to justify...

This is test...Allah just want me to keep low, keep my big mouth shut up..I'll try my best...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When we thought we have the worst....


I've started doing HR Consultant job at one of my client's office. Dah lama tak workg 9-5, so a bit panas punggung jugak at first. Luckily, it's only 3 days per week and Kak Zakiah and I selalunya won't come sharp 9am in the morning...This time much easier, I don't have to take LRT like last time, I just need to drive to Salak South through KESAS then park dekat rumah Kak Zakiah and from there naik Neo Orange kak Zakiah to Jalan Ampang.

LAst Saturday, We all dok menghabiskan saki baki raya by pergi open house, first rumah auntie kat Kajang, then rumah Norbaya (class mate masa form 4 and form 5) kat TTDI Jaya, then from Baya's house, we all pergi rumah Azrina kay Kuang, Baya, since dah tak jumpoa dia for almost 2 decades banyak benda we have to catch...she hasn't change, she is lecturer kat Poli Shah Alam, since ramai orang so tak dapat cakap banyak..but dia sempat bagitahu she got 4 kids but only 3 yg hidup. The eldest, past way after just few days she came back to works. The baby passed away coz chocking milk kat child care. She told me and Jay how hard both of them suami isteri nak go through those moments....

Then, I came across Kamariah Ramli punya blog, she also my old fren, masa kat SMTA. I always remember her, so I try to search her name kat Google and jumpa her email addess kat Unitar. I read her blog, then I got to know that she has 1 son, authisme. And she told how her life and the challenges both of them suami isteri to face unyuk membesarkan anak. Then I realised, I thought all this kind of things won't happen to me, or to my frens because when we we're young, we're so happy, healthy, no worries..we just laugh..laugh..laugh..buli cikgu..few worries lah bila nak delat exam..but we survived all that..then, Allah berikan ujian yg macam tu. I realised, Allah nak uji umatnya tak kira who they are..."kun Fa Ya Kun..." then it's happen. The al-mighty allah has His own ways to test us..and we have to be ready and to accept it if we are good muslim. We shouldn't be doubtful, we shouldn't questioned His action and decision. The test maybe to increase the level of our iman or because of our old sins or because Allah wants us to realise something..or anything only Allah knows, but it is not our job to question.

When we on top, don't compared ourselves with someone higher than us, there are many more unlucky than us...Dulu, when bad things strike..I am lost, I blame everybody, blame my husband especially. But, takde gunanya...then I realise maybe because of my sins, then I start bertaubat, doa, zikir..and everything till one day Allah swt gave us something un imaginable. But I realise, the gift also might be some kind of test from Allah, we can't be takbur and riak, and boros, and bakhil etc, because Allah can take it back in split second. He wants us to syukur..syukur with what we have....because all these are from Allah..it is not our right to question it...

To Baya and Kamariah...may you all strong and may Allah gives all the best dunia akhirat to you.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

When severe heartburn strike....erkkkkkk.....

Since pregnantkan Naqeesya, I always kena heartburn. Tp as long as I can remember when I was in my 20s, there was one period of time when I was attacked by stomach ulser (yes..sampai few years tak minum gassy drink..telan soya bean jer..) doctor tu dah warning,. that's going to be the "1st chapter" of may GERD syptoms.

And..to spice it up..the current medication for "the current one" that I have adding up to GERD Symptoms..dah lah additional medication tu is steroid base...hhuhuhuhuhuhhuuu.....

Last nite I can't sleep. Rasa macam banyak asid kat perut..causing my esophagus to taste masam-masam...eiweeii!! so I log in, and search more info..I guess now is the time for me to take serious action..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh..for those who wants to know more about heartburn, can visit this site.http://heartburn.about.com/cs/notdiagnosedyet/a/050503.htm

Obviously, there are certain things I can eat moderately and food I have to avoid...ANDDD.....I need to lose weight (Huaaa.....!!!!). Put on weight is one of the reason people can get heartburn...ok..ok..breath in..breath out...breath in..in..in..iNNNNN...out!

I will take it seriously..so since next week dah start balik turun naik LRT pergi KL, I guess that is going to be good exercise for me, puasa maybe every odd date (Calender hijrah la..). And try to use Blood Type Diet..huhuhu...I am B+ so I will try Blood B Type Diet..(which means no chicken...!). I will try my best..nanti I will update here my progress...

Actually Allah tu nak suruh I sedar..dah..dah la..enjoy food..ni bukan dah tahap makan utk hidup, but hidup utk makan..kalau dah sampai Black Canyon Coffee punya staff kat Summit USJ tu dah boleh ingat last menu kitorang..hmmmmm......

Those who interested to try, Blood Type Diet..just click this link..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What is wealth..

Ada org cakap health is wealth..
ada org cakap wealth is when you can do what ever you want
ada org cakap wealth is being super rich
ada org cakap wealth is equally sucessful between dunia and akhirat..
ada org cakap wealth is when you can sent you kids to what ever scholl they want, and go holidays without packing...

for me..wealth is being able to not to think about it..able to stay at home and watch how fast my kids grew up, able to count my husband's white hair or able to check how bold he is day by day, able to talk on the phone or YM my frenz as long as we can stand, able to say no to my fussy client, able to put my family on the first place before anything else, able to enjoy watching tv in my living room until late nite without thinking about how tomorrow gonna looks like...

and actually, that is major reason why I quite my job. Ada kawan2 yg tanya, mcm mana aku make decision to quite..entah..aku pun tak ingat..but I guess because the 'tak tahannes" feelings bekerja dgn org tu dah too strong till it really push me to make final decision. How I survived after berhenti kerja? Memang susah lepas tu..ada pulak incident2 yg tak disangka2...tp actually think back about that..itu kerja tuhan and actually itu adalah new gate to what ever I am now.

Alhamdulillah, I am happy...happy to do what ever I want to do and happy to do..if you've been working years and hari-hari you feel like macam nak hempuk somebody's head je...think back...are you happy with what you're doing right now and can you get it going till next week, next month, next year, next decade....

Believe me, when you fell happy, hidup tak de nak sumpah seranah boss, office mate, client, org yg hon keter kita on the way to kerja , etc.....will be more blessed and things will be better.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lover's veil...Hijab Sang Pencinta..

Well done again to Ramli Awang Murshid..this time..I bought this book..selalunhya aku dapat free...saje2 nak fired up myself..yg tak bestnya..I already knew the ending before I read it..dah dia asyik citer jer jalan citer kat aku...sebelum buku tu publish lagi..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh..

Readers don't know how dia dapatkan ending to..aku jer yg tau..kekekkekek . he said..after discuss with the publisher and the team, abg pek told me he solat hajat..to cari idea. nak spice up kan laksamana sunan punya ending.see...manalah tak murah rezeki..siap solat hajat lagi..

Sunday nite last week, pergi beraya rumah dia...cam biasa abg pek dok citer yg how bless he was with the increasing number of sales, sambil selit2kan perli dia kat aku lah..suruh aku write a novel as well...hem..tulis list barang nak shopping aku terrorlah....takpe2...ni tgh buat lah ni..masuk chapter 4 dah..ok apa? dari tak start langsung....

sapa2 yg tak baca lagi..jangan malu2..pergilah beli..and sapa2 yg tak tahu..this is trilogy novel..so better baca ikut kronology 1) Bagaikan Puteri, 2) Cinta Sang Ratu 3) Hijab Sang Pencinta.. kalau tak dapat beli..kontek me..i'll try to get it but with extra charge lah..tau..

Happy reading..

when facebook make my world bordeless....

how do you fell when you wake up one morning and..tu dia..your inbox filled with hai n hello messages from old friends....ex-musuh ketat, ex-kakak angkat, ex-classmate, ex-schoolmate, ex-doommate, ni semua facebook nyer pasal...

But I felt syukor..at least bolehlah mintak maaf dgn kawan2 lama nih..mana lah tau zaman2 dolu tu..

then slowly, I rememberd all the cerita sedih n cerita happy masa zaman sekolah dulu..cerita kak mimi n aku n geng2 main hoki tahun 1990..panjat pagar hostel nak tengok konsert ekamatra punya pasal..balik2 kena tangkap dgn cikgu siti..akibatnya sebulan lebih tak bleh tgk tv..during that time hp, internet, sms, astro, tv9, tv7, tv 8 not yet exist...jadik bayangkanlah...terseksanya jiwa raga...

then jumpa pulak kawan2 masa form 6..macam2 citer..but nice to see you all...ada yg kecik ada yg besar..ada yg macam tu je dr dulu..ada yg dah beza dr dulu...

aidilfitri..the ambush!!

Last friday..My family n I've been invited to attend intan's open house. Don't know lah..why intan buat open house on Friday evening..it ends up we all dok melepak until 1am..the best part, the kids langsung tak mengantuk....

On saturday, we wnt to selayang to visit my hubby's auntie..teruknya jam..it takes 2 hours from usj to selayang..mcm nak pergi melaka lah pulak..we drop by at mdors punya kedai cermin mata kat bandar selayang..bila sampai je..I can see that she has something in her mind...and right before I balik she said..esok jom pergi rumah nori..and we all pun plan lah..not to inform nori.

I suppose to jumpa maroha since she just came back from melbourne..lama tak jumpa dia..,but she has stuck in Shah Alam and I have to stop by at another friend's house at Taman Dagang..itu pun take 2 hours from selayang to taman dagang,,,gile..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh...

Then I informed maroha, that mdor n I plan to ambush nori's house, roha pulak cakap ajaklah dee sekali..we all pun ajak lah dee.it's hujan lebat..but ambush tetap ambush..after pusing2 cari jalan suakasih 3 bandar tun hussein onn..jumpalah, very nice house...baik jer..sampai kat pagar rumah nori I called her.."nori ko ada kat rumah ke, buat apa tu..bukak pintu jap..aku ada kat luar pagar rumah ko ni.." kekekekek Berjaya!!!..missi nak ambush nori..tu pun dia tak tau lagi roha pun ada n dee on the way to her house.

kat rumah nori..udang n rendang mak dia dah sedia dah..macam tau2 jer..tu yg best.

balik dr rumah nori, roha n i went to rumah mak datin dina kat semenyih selepas sesat-sesat...heh...nasib baik sampai..dina yg sarat nak beranak tu masih sempat melayan kitorang ni..

seronoknya raya tahun ni...alhamdullillah..hopefully still got chances till raya next year..

Aidilfitri this year..


Aidilfitri, recently bring true and new meaning of celebration to me, I mean in my 30s..normally aidilfitri just like normal family occassions... all this while I celebrate aidilfitri but this year it is much different. This year I went back to Kuantan, last year I celebrate in KK. My sister in law in KK said, their aidilfitri this year quite slow since they moved to new housing area and nobody came to raya like when they were in Kg Masjid, Telipok KK. But still..they were happy since celebrating it in new house, double story..congratulation to Ida, Fey and Ley (my sisters in law)..willing to share to buy this house since their house in kg Masjid telipok has been demolished due to government land issues.

Tuesday before aidilfitri, I cooked rendang daging and kuah kacang and my sister, amy cooked rendang ayam. This year, we cooked ourselves in the front yard of my parent's house..my mom's just gave instruction to us..quite fun.

1st raya after zohor we went back to Kg Ganchong, Pekan and 2nd raya going back to Kota Gelangi Jerantut. On 2nd raya, my aunti cu Asiah who came back from Saudi Arabia (She worked as nurse for +-1 year) brought back daging unta n my makcik robiah cooked masak lemak daging unta for us...quite special hahahah..then we've been served with rendang daging pelanduk campour daging kerbau...ahahahahhah...so on that day I have all kinds of meat in my stomach..

then we came back to KL on saturday. no traffic jam as usual..and my brothers n sister who lived in Penang (3 of them) spent one nite before continue their journey to penang...

this year, I went for solat aidilfitri and pray right beside my mother, for the 1st time, and the khutbah given by my primary school classmate ustaz ridzuan bin mohd yussof...

syukur I've been given chances to enjoy all these..

Monday, August 18, 2008

When perfect disaster strike!


Having own business is not easy. Trying too hard to satisfy client infinity needs doesn't mean they really happy. Maybe they will for split seconds, but then..it still depend in our capability to keep it.

On top of that, it involves many. You suppliers, assistant, and as freelancer your helpers come all over the world...though communication is not a boundary but still..we have different timing, diferent sunrise and sunset...

Then, when perfect disaster strike...what can you do? You can't blame others, you can't blame different sunrise n sunset, you can't blame your server provider...it's you to blame. Sorry En. Jeff...the launch of masum.com.my is disaster....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008


This is Kak Niza..

Assalamualaikum wbt...

I spent my Sunday Afternoon at Kak Niza's Spa, SRI SERUMPUN...I went to a spa few times but this is different. Maybe because we know each other and Ayu, kak Niza's assistant really nice and experienced, so the facial n pedicure experienced were more relax and casual.

Sri Serumpun Malaysia Holistic Spa, located at Mutiara Damansara. For me, it is a nice place to relax and to let your body beeing pampered. The most important, this is Muslimah Spa so, you no need to worry about being asked to wear disposable thong like what practices by other non-muslim spa.

I like the way Ayu did my face. I think RM45 for 1 and half hour more than worth it. And she is very good in massaging my face n my double chin ..(he..he..) as well...Part from that, Sri Serumpun also has boutique that offers wide range of female clothing, accessories, etc.
And the way Shira massage by big left leg (kak niza..urut kuat sikit lagi ye..) really makes my blood run through! Need to go there again...Would like to invite u as well. You can call Kak Niza for appointment at 0133449517.

I am also amazed with Kak Niza's strong will to run a spa n boutique..a lady that used to be a credit controller now have move forward yer..kak. Should invite Tengku (Her ex-boss) to come.. n bring his wife..(got wife ke?) Congratulations to Kak Niza, may your effort will be berkat from Allah swt.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Part and parcel of life...

Assalamualaikum wbt,
I went back to Kota Kinabalu last week to attend my dear sister in law (Solehah Moksin - may she become solehah wife as her name!!) wedding. This pretty sister became somebody's wife already, upgrading herself to Puan Solehah Moksin. I am in the middle of downloading her wedding pictures to my laptop, lots and lots of them..will share with all of you later.
We have chances to visit Pulau Manukan, subhanallah..what a nice view..thanks to Awang Ku Mohd Rodzan from Sabah Parks who has arranged for free boat fees two ways from Jesselton Point Jetty, for 8 persons...if Rm 30 per head X 8...hmmm...may you murah rezeki awang!
then, as usual we went to Kundasang and Ranau. My dream to climb Gunung Kinabalu have to be put on hold since my dearest husband keep telling me "you must be 100% fit to go up there, not easy tau...last time when I went up there for the 2nd time, I have no problem to climb up but my knee so aching on the way down....." and few more not so encouraging stories. But I will be up there..tengok lah...
Few good things happen, Kartini from Perth put bulk order on Muslimah Chantik Collections, we also on our way to have own brand, MC Jeans,the denim blouse also on the way, the sample was done..and I am happy with the workmanship...alhamdulillah.
PDS network website also done you can visit them at www.pdsnetwork.biz, now I am doing www.sriserumpun.com (boutique and spa) and also www.masum.com.my, website for umrah and islamic travel fair..organised by MATTA.
Everything sounds great, I believe it is and really syukur for that...life so wonderful. Keep reciting ayat seribu dinar...insya allah, everything will be smooth, murah rezeki. Nowadays, everything so bizzare...oil price go up, rice go up, TNB go up, nothing is going down..( except the share market..of course!) but, still syukur...I told myself don't forget those who in needs, I was there once..and people said life is like a wheel..be prepared.
Not so good news, Jay's cousin is in critical situation in Hospital Tak Seng?? in Singapore. He has been diagnosed with lung cancer and in final stage. My father in law and his father flew from KK last week, and still in Sing till now. Now this cousin is 100% supported by machine, doctors pronounced TOD last nite but few hours later they said he's back..what a miracle?? And now again supported by machine.
We have been prepared for Qada n Qadar, I already contacted Muslim Cascade in Singapore. Thanks to Roha who has told me that if we transfer the human body by air cargo, they have to suck out all the body liquids, and I was shocked...totally forgot about it. I though it's only happen in US, but it is actually in international transportation law.
Jay n Abak (his cousin's brother) will go to SING to do what ever they can from there. K Amy in the process of getting all the related procedure from Balai Polis Bangi and I am in contact with En. Iskandar from Muslim Cascade Singapore.
We just pray the best for him. If better for him to 'go', we redho, and we hope he will go easily. If better for him to stay we pray that the best for him and he will be more in iman.
This cousin just about 27 years old. Never fall sick, just few weeks ago he got high fever and when his twin brought him to hospital and the doctors did test on his tissue sample, they confirmed it is final stage cancer..since then, all internal organs start to fail.
I think, we all ready for what ever circumstances. Just something to share, if Allah want to take us back, we don't know when..scary ..to think about it but have we prepare to see Him?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

New collections!


New collection from muslimahchantik.com. Visit our website to shop online. We sell clothes that suit female muslim/muslimah, fast, cheap and reliable.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ramlee Awang Murshid & Ungu Karmila


He did it again. My family and I was at his home while he was writing his latest novel, Ungu Karmila. We stayed with him and his family for a month during last July. I don't really know when actually he wrote it, but maybe when others were sleeping. Though all the sleepless nite, he still can wake up early every morning and continue working at national broadcasting company, RTM. I admire his ambition, courage and spirit. Though he is now top or number 1 thriller writer in Malaysia, he is humble...he still driving his old repainted Proton Iswara WDJ****. He doesn't mind walks arround in public area, buy groceries and food from local stalls, and watch movies at his favourite spot in Kajang. Through the changes of his life, Allah showed me how He can transforms somebody's life from good to bad, from bad to good in a blink of second. And how with hard work and doa and tawakkal, Allah will answer our prayer...I know, that what Ramlee's (Abg Pek) keep doing. From nobody (who wear spider man t-shirt on his first date!!!) to somebody famous but he still keep his feet on the ground. He is!

May Allah bless Abg Pek, Kak Amy, Izuddin and the rest of family. Thank you for the book.

http://www.muslimahchantik.com/ (online boutique for muslimah)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Say.... thank you, Allah.

In our busy routine, we forgot to say thank you to our Creator. We always look at our selves and compare it to those who are much better than us. We asked God, why they can have new car and we don't, why they easily can go travel overseas, while you only can afford to go local, and so many more of why......

I've been in both situations. I've been on top but I still compare myself with those richer than me and I've been down below and of course....I compare myself with those much better...and, that questions Why Me??? What else??, What's next?? easily comes out from my mouth.

Till I drop so deep down, then God, whom I always blame for what ever bad things happened to me, give me an answer. The answer that makes me realise, how wrong I am before, how I mess up my life with munafiq's habits.. nauzubillah...

Since then, I grew up. I change my life. I decided to be good, and things change accordingly. I got the idea to sell clothes online, though it haven't makes me local millionaire..heheh, but things go well. God then met me with Zaman, the great guy who have web hosting business, then God give me idea to teach friends to do online business, or at least to support and guide them on first few steps on doing business online...And I am happy with that.

Alhamdulillah, now we (me and Zaman, the web hosting guy..) busy with creating sample web site for UMRAH Travel Fair, then kainkurung.com (selling textile online) will come soon, then sis Niza, halal spa followed by few other things. Alhamdulillah, I am hands full!

I say my gatitude every moments now. I thank for great day I have, for being healthy and wealthy, for being success, for being loved and so many things..just do that, and God will give more. Say your prayer, everytime , everywhere. Remember that.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goodbye Farra!


Last week, I went to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) just to say goodbye to my sister cum ex-office mate cum friend, Farra. She will migrate to other countries to stay with her husband. She's going to stay in a country that I believe not easy for anyone to make decision to live and stay, she's going to Kabul, Afghanistan. Unless she is working with NGO or Red Cross or Mercy or UN, otherwise people will think she's going nuts. Kabul?? What is there except her husband Sifatullah.

No one should judge her, no one should question her decission. As good muslimah, it is her must to follow her husband. It is! And that is what she is doing. I said goodbye to Farra without a shed of tears (I thought there will be drama with running tear drops like river at KLIA when we say goodbye!) but not single tear drop, because I knew she will be happy. Her place is right to her husband and I knew Sifatullah will take a good care of her. She so happy to see me and my family we haven't met for quite sometime after I quit my job. Alhamdulillah we still have Yahoo Messenger...

Few days after her flight to Kabul, we spoke in YM. She sound so happy and she said she never thought Kabul will be that pretty, though army and millitary everywhere and few tanks arround the corner, the rest is just normal. I asked her if she needs to wear Burqa as potrayed by those media, she said no one, no single woman that her met on the street in Kabul wear Burqa, they wear hijab, nice and proper covered they aurah, they wear make up, the woman can go to work, can shop, anything, the woman can do anything just same like us in Malaysia. So, where are those illustrations about how people in Kabul are suffering come from?

Farra said, no one is sufferring, no beggar, no drug addict, no nothing. Kabul practice Hudud, so no one there dare to steal because if one cought stealing even their neighbour has right to cut his hand!! And, just imagine she went to her husband office, with good office equipment plus (this is so not in Malaysia), there is a cook in the office. The cook start prepare lunch at 10am so by lunch hour everybody can eat together, the boss, the clerk, the cleaner, the executive they eat together, everyday..no one need to buy lunch. All on the boss!!! And we said ours is so good. Subhanallah... I am amaze on how such media give so much negative impression on Islamic country...they make us blind.

Attach photos of beloved Farra. She is pretty but she said all muslimah is Kabul much,much prettier than her. Next time when she email me photos of her life in Kabul, I'll let you have a look and we can have a real picture of Kabul, Afghanistan.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Secret to be great muslimah

Assalamualaikum dear readers and friends.

I am currently reading "The Secret". You know those famous books from AU, written by Rhonda Byrne. That book is quite expensive actually RM79.90 about USD 21.00. I know few people that think that book is nothing more than another motivation book. Yeah! it is, but what make's it different is the action that you take after you read all those books. If you read any motivation books 100 times, but you don't practice what has been tought in the book, so you'll become same OLD you!

The Secret tought me how to use our mind, to activate our brain to help us to achieve our dream. The Secret tought me few things, I listed it here so we can share it.

1. It is important to have positive mind, positive thinking and positive feelings because what and how we feel and think will attract what we want. Ever wonder why sudenly we wake up late in the morning and have bad hijab/hair day and suddenly all traffic light turn red, public trasnport late, coffee spilled on our clothes, boss scream at us, kids fighting between each other, husband shows sour face..one bad thing after another...because we keep thinking bad things. Bad thinking, bring bad feelings, bad feelings affect things and contact around us. How to manage this, try to keep positive thingking, say all positive words, smile, feels good. If you have a dream to become somebody, use your imagination and vision to become that somebody, change yourself to somebody that you want to be. If you want to drive that new 5 series BMW, imagine you is driving it, keep that thought, feel it. Once, my friends told me "If you want something, or if you want to change something, just ASK from Allah because Allah swt said, "ASK from me, I WILL granted your wish". Allah didn't say MAYBE, He says WILL so why we don't ask from HIM? Of course, it is matter of how fast our wish will come true and it may not comes in what we want for example if you ask for money, of course you won't get it straight from the sky? Right? maybe Allah will gives you ideas on how to start business that will succeed or will give you ways to start a business or will open your heart to be insurance or unit trust agent or...He knows what He is doing..
2. Say you gratitude..Syukur, though we may not as rich as millionaires but there're millions of people suffers from poverty, hunger , war and diseases not too mention natural disaster in other countries. I read an article in our local newspaper "The Star" few weeks ago about how people in one African country turn dirt (Soild add with water) and baked it to become a biscuit!!! I still remember the face of child potrayed in that articles, showing his tounge eating dirt biscuit...Ya Allah!!! While we are enjoying the luxury of food in our own and nice place, somebody out there maybe never eat for more than weeks.. (Of course except those who choose to be skinny....!) Please, before you sleep say your prayer, syukur because God give you good day and may tomorrow will be much better than today. Say your thank you to Allah, for your success, your happiness, your being loved, etc.
I'll stop here. Insya allah will share my knowledge about "The Secret" another time.
Thank you

Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to start your day....shine and bright?

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Have you ever wake up in the morning feeling there is stone in your head, pile of worries in your heart, you keep sighing!! and you feel lazy. I am sure you did. Sleep functions as a way for our body to rest. So, that's why it is important to have good sleep. There are few things that we can do before we sleep so the next morning when we wake up (insya allah!) we feel shinier and brighter. It is important for us muslimah to be shine always because our glow will give effect people around us, the kids, husband, friends, families. Right? If you moody, you will affected the rest around you and you will have full moody day...

1. Before you go to sleep, as muslimah perform your Solat Isya'. That is most important.

2. Get ready for tomorrow, list down what you need to do from the most importatnt to the least impoprtant. Check your schedule for any appoinment.

3. Prepare what you want to wear tomorrow, choose the right one, iron it. It save lot's of your time the next morning just to stand infront your closet looking and thinking what you gonna wear, matching colours, matching hijab...huh! ladies is ladies.... so be prepared, at least..think of what you want to wear.

4. Imagine what's your day gonna looks like. Imagine all the good things, the always green traffic light, the empty parking space at your favourite spots, the appoinment that goes well, the big smile on your boss face, kids listen to you, husband come back early..imagine all good things, imagine what you want and how you want it to happen tommorrow.

5. Think about what happened today. Sometimes, bad things happen and you try to forget it. No! you can't. You think about it....what's wrong... try to fix it. Looks for the good side and again use your imagination, imagine how do you want it to actually happen. Then, take a deep breath, hold it for few second imagine that you are holding your problem today, and while you breath out imagine you blow it away..

6. Set short term goals for tomorrow. And focus to achieve your goal. Things like, tomorow I will spend 30 minutes to do exercise, jogging, aerobic, etc. Tomorrow I will drink 8 glass of water, tomorrow I will read 2 chapters of this book. Tomorrow I will give sadaqah to.......(and the list goes on) Set target to things that you want to do. And, try to achieve it...tomorow's nite before you sleep you think about your achievement ...sure you will be happy!

7. Forgive people around you, forgive yourself. Say your Doa', Shahadah, read surah al-fatihan and the 3 Qul and Qursi. And have a nice dreams!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What we wear show who we are?

Assalamualaikum wbt,
Alhamdulillah, syukur as for today I still have the chance to sit infront of my laptop to share my opinions.
I bought few female magazine especially those related to muslimah because I want to try to send my write up to them. I flipped those magazines but I felt something is not right. Those ladies potray with head scarf in those magazine, I don't know..but they don't seems like really cover their aurah. Wearing jubah, or long dress, long sleeves but with turtle neck and the head scarf just tied up to the back of their neck. It still expose part of the ears and neck...is that consider as properly covered their aurah?
They claimed they are muslimah magazine, but they are showing these kind of fashions, they are actually setting a new fashion trend, worst, new muslim fashion trend.
Then, I went to shopping complexes, I start to notice ladies with head scarf, covered their neck but with short sleeves? Then, pregnant ladies with head scarf and maternity dress that only knee length? Female teenagers with head scarf but to the head scarf thin, from far I can see her hair.
I don't know. I believe what we wear show who we are, at least it's influenced our first impression. I don't know how or what I can do to make muslimah realised how important to wear properly covered (if they decide to wear it, then do it properly, if they don't want to wear it, that is between you and The Creator, right?) But I think, it is good if I have my own magazine. Yes, Muslimah Chantik Magazine for muslimah....
I want to share my experience. This happened to me about 10 years ago when I first started to work in local advertising agency. During that time, I just graduated, young executive, coloured hair...my jahiliah era!
I took public transport to and back from work. I still remember that day I was wearing knee length skirt with a short sleeves shirt. While standing waiting for a bus, I noticed there is one lady in black and white attire, she went from one person to one person whispering something. At first, I thought she is somebody with mental problem till she stop at me and whisper to me "Jesus is son of Allah, follow Jesus and he will save you." (Nauzubillah!) Her voice is so sharp and clear. I can't stop her voice from keep whispering in my mind, it's like you keep playing your favourite song over and over and over again. I repeatedly say the Shahadah, I read Yassin and Quran but still it is there in my mind. I call my friend and later he sister gave me zam zam water.
I talk to my fiance (now is my husband) and he said maybe because they way I dress that attract that lady to stand infront of me and whisper those sentences. Maybe because of my appearance. She didn't go and say the same things to other ladies that properly covered her aurah.
That moments, I decide to wear head scarf and I did it right after I got married (just few months after that incidence).
Hope my story will be useful.
See you next time, insya allah.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Muslimah and missing person

Assalamualaikum wbt,
The top news in Malaysia now is about the missing girls Sharlinie, she has been missing for few weeks. Everybody is praying the the nightmare that has happen to 8 years old Nurin Jaslin (who found dead with brinjal in her private part, after few weeks missing) about 4 months ago is not going to disturb our sleep. Of course, it is sleepless night for the kid's parents and families!
Let us pray, may Allah swt, protect the girls from the beast and open their heart to return the girl safe and sound. and may Allay protect us and our kids because He is the Protector.
Tips to muslimah:
1. Don't ever and ever leave your kids alone. If you really have to go out without them, get some trusted adult to look after them, or just send them to child care center and pay for the few hours service.
2. If you have to bring them to crowded places, let them have your contact details (name, phone number , etc) in their pocket, bags, etc. Teach them how to use public phone, get them a handphone if possible.
3. Plan your trip, which area you want to go, which sections and how long it will take. And let them know. Tell them also, if anything happened to them, ask them to wait at certain spots that they familiar with e.g McD, KFC, etc.
4. Provide them with whistle, they can blow it when they realised their parents is not around.
5. If you found crying kids, lost their parents in shopping complexes, etc, don't just stare at them and pity them, grab them, console them, and bring them to security office. Wait with them until their parents/guardian come. Worst, after few hours nobody turn up, bring them to nearest police stations. Don't leave them alone!
6. If you must go shopping, please bring back pack so you can put your thing in one place and use ur 2 hands to hold your kids!
7. PRAY....for their safety, Teach them few simple zikir, al-fatihah, etc.
8. Last but not leaset, try to shop online more often, it is safer, faster, easier. http://www.muslimahchantik.com
Comments, please email to muslimah@muslimahchantik.com
Hope this help.

What is chantik?

Assalamualaikum and welcome back.

I received few questions from other muslimah/readers inquired the meaning of CHANTIK. CHANTIK is a word form old MALAYSIAN LANGUAGE meaning pretty, beautiful. But nowadays the spelling has been changed to CANTIK (Without 'h') but the meanings still remains the same. Many-many years ago Malaysian Language not using current alphabet but using arabic alphabet with few additional alphabet that we call JAWI. For example, in arabic they don't have 'cha' (looks like jim but with three dots in the middle!) but to associates with our local words somebody has invented 'cha'. And there is where we got "CHANTIK". Nowadays, we are using alphabet (like now!) so we dropp off the "H". For those who doesn't know how to pronounce CHANTIK.. it is....

CHAN (as in enCHANted) and TIK (as in TICK)....

Thank you for asking.