Thursday, November 15, 2007


At last, I manage to have my own website. specifically selling islamic clothing for woman. Of coure you are invited to visit.

I did the website from scratch. Oh Boy! it does cost me sweat and hunger and not enough sleep! Thanks to Irfan Khairi from local milionnaire bloke (he's married kids already) that changed my mind, I though creating website is as tough as building KLCC...duh! Of course with knowledge and little help from here and there things getting better. Also thanks to Kevin Zahari (ala..the guy from AF3 or 4 last time...) and also the team especially Wati..that really have good customer service skills, last but not least for Azhar from You did greate job creating my logo.

Suddenly I realised, I've been receiving helps from all famous people in Malaysia. Maybe, one day I will be like them!

I design because I realise how muslimah nowadays has transformed and becoming very active, very busy, full of responsibilities until we ignore ourselves. Ignore the feelings of getting us new clothes, that nice massage and spa, also some facial treatment. So, for the beginning will be specifically selling islamic clothes for muslimah online. Next project, I'll be selling herbs and 'jamu' online....and other line of products online...

I also in the process of creating an e-book that loaded with tips for muslimah. But, in terms of making all the tips easily accessible for every muslimah, I'll put some of it in this blog.

Ok, I hope you enjoy reading this blog and please do visit

Thank you, see you soon.

Thank you, wassalam.