Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ramlee Awang Murshid & Ungu Karmila


He did it again. My family and I was at his home while he was writing his latest novel, Ungu Karmila. We stayed with him and his family for a month during last July. I don't really know when actually he wrote it, but maybe when others were sleeping. Though all the sleepless nite, he still can wake up early every morning and continue working at national broadcasting company, RTM. I admire his ambition, courage and spirit. Though he is now top or number 1 thriller writer in Malaysia, he is humble...he still driving his old repainted Proton Iswara WDJ****. He doesn't mind walks arround in public area, buy groceries and food from local stalls, and watch movies at his favourite spot in Kajang. Through the changes of his life, Allah showed me how He can transforms somebody's life from good to bad, from bad to good in a blink of second. And how with hard work and doa and tawakkal, Allah will answer our prayer...I know, that what Ramlee's (Abg Pek) keep doing. From nobody (who wear spider man t-shirt on his first date!!!) to somebody famous but he still keep his feet on the ground. He is!

May Allah bless Abg Pek, Kak Amy, Izuddin and the rest of family. Thank you for the book. (online boutique for muslimah)