Friday, January 25, 2008

Muslimah and missing person

Assalamualaikum wbt,
The top news in Malaysia now is about the missing girls Sharlinie, she has been missing for few weeks. Everybody is praying the the nightmare that has happen to 8 years old Nurin Jaslin (who found dead with brinjal in her private part, after few weeks missing) about 4 months ago is not going to disturb our sleep. Of course, it is sleepless night for the kid's parents and families!
Let us pray, may Allah swt, protect the girls from the beast and open their heart to return the girl safe and sound. and may Allay protect us and our kids because He is the Protector.
Tips to muslimah:
1. Don't ever and ever leave your kids alone. If you really have to go out without them, get some trusted adult to look after them, or just send them to child care center and pay for the few hours service.
2. If you have to bring them to crowded places, let them have your contact details (name, phone number , etc) in their pocket, bags, etc. Teach them how to use public phone, get them a handphone if possible.
3. Plan your trip, which area you want to go, which sections and how long it will take. And let them know. Tell them also, if anything happened to them, ask them to wait at certain spots that they familiar with e.g McD, KFC, etc.
4. Provide them with whistle, they can blow it when they realised their parents is not around.
5. If you found crying kids, lost their parents in shopping complexes, etc, don't just stare at them and pity them, grab them, console them, and bring them to security office. Wait with them until their parents/guardian come. Worst, after few hours nobody turn up, bring them to nearest police stations. Don't leave them alone!
6. If you must go shopping, please bring back pack so you can put your thing in one place and use ur 2 hands to hold your kids!
7. PRAY....for their safety, Teach them few simple zikir, al-fatihah, etc.
8. Last but not leaset, try to shop online more often, it is safer, faster, easier.
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What is chantik?

Assalamualaikum and welcome back.

I received few questions from other muslimah/readers inquired the meaning of CHANTIK. CHANTIK is a word form old MALAYSIAN LANGUAGE meaning pretty, beautiful. But nowadays the spelling has been changed to CANTIK (Without 'h') but the meanings still remains the same. Many-many years ago Malaysian Language not using current alphabet but using arabic alphabet with few additional alphabet that we call JAWI. For example, in arabic they don't have 'cha' (looks like jim but with three dots in the middle!) but to associates with our local words somebody has invented 'cha'. And there is where we got "CHANTIK". Nowadays, we are using alphabet (like now!) so we dropp off the "H". For those who doesn't know how to pronounce CHANTIK.. it is....

CHAN (as in enCHANted) and TIK (as in TICK)....

Thank you for asking.