Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Part and parcel of life...

Assalamualaikum wbt,
I went back to Kota Kinabalu last week to attend my dear sister in law (Solehah Moksin - may she become solehah wife as her name!!) wedding. This pretty sister became somebody's wife already, upgrading herself to Puan Solehah Moksin. I am in the middle of downloading her wedding pictures to my laptop, lots and lots of them..will share with all of you later.
We have chances to visit Pulau Manukan, subhanallah..what a nice view..thanks to Awang Ku Mohd Rodzan from Sabah Parks who has arranged for free boat fees two ways from Jesselton Point Jetty, for 8 persons...if Rm 30 per head X 8...hmmm...may you murah rezeki awang!
then, as usual we went to Kundasang and Ranau. My dream to climb Gunung Kinabalu have to be put on hold since my dearest husband keep telling me "you must be 100% fit to go up there, not easy tau...last time when I went up there for the 2nd time, I have no problem to climb up but my knee so aching on the way down....." and few more not so encouraging stories. But I will be up there..tengok lah...
Few good things happen, Kartini from Perth put bulk order on Muslimah Chantik Collections, we also on our way to have own brand, MC Jeans,the denim blouse also on the way, the sample was done..and I am happy with the workmanship...alhamdulillah.
PDS network website also done you can visit them at www.pdsnetwork.biz, now I am doing www.sriserumpun.com (boutique and spa) and also www.masum.com.my, website for umrah and islamic travel fair..organised by MATTA.
Everything sounds great, I believe it is and really syukur for that...life so wonderful. Keep reciting ayat seribu dinar...insya allah, everything will be smooth, murah rezeki. Nowadays, everything so bizzare...oil price go up, rice go up, TNB go up, nothing is going down..( except the share market..of course!) but, still syukur...I told myself don't forget those who in needs, I was there once..and people said life is like a wheel..be prepared.
Not so good news, Jay's cousin is in critical situation in Hospital Tak Seng?? in Singapore. He has been diagnosed with lung cancer and in final stage. My father in law and his father flew from KK last week, and still in Sing till now. Now this cousin is 100% supported by machine, doctors pronounced TOD last nite but few hours later they said he's back..what a miracle?? And now again supported by machine.
We have been prepared for Qada n Qadar, I already contacted Muslim Cascade in Singapore. Thanks to Roha who has told me that if we transfer the human body by air cargo, they have to suck out all the body liquids, and I was shocked...totally forgot about it. I though it's only happen in US, but it is actually in international transportation law.
Jay n Abak (his cousin's brother) will go to SING to do what ever they can from there. K Amy in the process of getting all the related procedure from Balai Polis Bangi and I am in contact with En. Iskandar from Muslim Cascade Singapore.
We just pray the best for him. If better for him to 'go', we redho, and we hope he will go easily. If better for him to stay we pray that the best for him and he will be more in iman.
This cousin just about 27 years old. Never fall sick, just few weeks ago he got high fever and when his twin brought him to hospital and the doctors did test on his tissue sample, they confirmed it is final stage cancer..since then, all internal organs start to fail.
I think, we all ready for what ever circumstances. Just something to share, if Allah want to take us back, we don't know when..scary ..to think about it but have we prepare to see Him?