Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Secret to be great muslimah

Assalamualaikum dear readers and friends.

I am currently reading "The Secret". You know those famous books from AU, written by Rhonda Byrne. That book is quite expensive actually RM79.90 about USD 21.00. I know few people that think that book is nothing more than another motivation book. Yeah! it is, but what make's it different is the action that you take after you read all those books. If you read any motivation books 100 times, but you don't practice what has been tought in the book, so you'll become same OLD you!

The Secret tought me how to use our mind, to activate our brain to help us to achieve our dream. The Secret tought me few things, I listed it here so we can share it.

1. It is important to have positive mind, positive thinking and positive feelings because what and how we feel and think will attract what we want. Ever wonder why sudenly we wake up late in the morning and have bad hijab/hair day and suddenly all traffic light turn red, public trasnport late, coffee spilled on our clothes, boss scream at us, kids fighting between each other, husband shows sour face..one bad thing after another...because we keep thinking bad things. Bad thinking, bring bad feelings, bad feelings affect things and contact around us. How to manage this, try to keep positive thingking, say all positive words, smile, feels good. If you have a dream to become somebody, use your imagination and vision to become that somebody, change yourself to somebody that you want to be. If you want to drive that new 5 series BMW, imagine you is driving it, keep that thought, feel it. Once, my friends told me "If you want something, or if you want to change something, just ASK from Allah because Allah swt said, "ASK from me, I WILL granted your wish". Allah didn't say MAYBE, He says WILL so why we don't ask from HIM? Of course, it is matter of how fast our wish will come true and it may not comes in what we want for example if you ask for money, of course you won't get it straight from the sky? Right? maybe Allah will gives you ideas on how to start business that will succeed or will give you ways to start a business or will open your heart to be insurance or unit trust agent or...He knows what He is doing..
2. Say you gratitude..Syukur, though we may not as rich as millionaires but there're millions of people suffers from poverty, hunger , war and diseases not too mention natural disaster in other countries. I read an article in our local newspaper "The Star" few weeks ago about how people in one African country turn dirt (Soild add with water) and baked it to become a biscuit!!! I still remember the face of child potrayed in that articles, showing his tounge eating dirt biscuit...Ya Allah!!! While we are enjoying the luxury of food in our own and nice place, somebody out there maybe never eat for more than weeks.. (Of course except those who choose to be skinny....!) Please, before you sleep say your prayer, syukur because God give you good day and may tomorrow will be much better than today. Say your thank you to Allah, for your success, your happiness, your being loved, etc.
I'll stop here. Insya allah will share my knowledge about "The Secret" another time.
Thank you