Thursday, January 31, 2008

How to start your day....shine and bright?

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Have you ever wake up in the morning feeling there is stone in your head, pile of worries in your heart, you keep sighing!! and you feel lazy. I am sure you did. Sleep functions as a way for our body to rest. So, that's why it is important to have good sleep. There are few things that we can do before we sleep so the next morning when we wake up (insya allah!) we feel shinier and brighter. It is important for us muslimah to be shine always because our glow will give effect people around us, the kids, husband, friends, families. Right? If you moody, you will affected the rest around you and you will have full moody day...

1. Before you go to sleep, as muslimah perform your Solat Isya'. That is most important.

2. Get ready for tomorrow, list down what you need to do from the most importatnt to the least impoprtant. Check your schedule for any appoinment.

3. Prepare what you want to wear tomorrow, choose the right one, iron it. It save lot's of your time the next morning just to stand infront your closet looking and thinking what you gonna wear, matching colours, matching hijab...huh! ladies is ladies.... so be prepared, at least..think of what you want to wear.

4. Imagine what's your day gonna looks like. Imagine all the good things, the always green traffic light, the empty parking space at your favourite spots, the appoinment that goes well, the big smile on your boss face, kids listen to you, husband come back early..imagine all good things, imagine what you want and how you want it to happen tommorrow.

5. Think about what happened today. Sometimes, bad things happen and you try to forget it. No! you can't. You think about it....what's wrong... try to fix it. Looks for the good side and again use your imagination, imagine how do you want it to actually happen. Then, take a deep breath, hold it for few second imagine that you are holding your problem today, and while you breath out imagine you blow it away..

6. Set short term goals for tomorrow. And focus to achieve your goal. Things like, tomorow I will spend 30 minutes to do exercise, jogging, aerobic, etc. Tomorrow I will drink 8 glass of water, tomorrow I will read 2 chapters of this book. Tomorrow I will give sadaqah to.......(and the list goes on) Set target to things that you want to do. And, try to achieve it...tomorow's nite before you sleep you think about your achievement ...sure you will be happy!

7. Forgive people around you, forgive yourself. Say your Doa', Shahadah, read surah al-fatihan and the 3 Qul and Qursi. And have a nice dreams!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What we wear show who we are?

Assalamualaikum wbt,
Alhamdulillah, syukur as for today I still have the chance to sit infront of my laptop to share my opinions.
I bought few female magazine especially those related to muslimah because I want to try to send my write up to them. I flipped those magazines but I felt something is not right. Those ladies potray with head scarf in those magazine, I don't know..but they don't seems like really cover their aurah. Wearing jubah, or long dress, long sleeves but with turtle neck and the head scarf just tied up to the back of their neck. It still expose part of the ears and that consider as properly covered their aurah?
They claimed they are muslimah magazine, but they are showing these kind of fashions, they are actually setting a new fashion trend, worst, new muslim fashion trend.
Then, I went to shopping complexes, I start to notice ladies with head scarf, covered their neck but with short sleeves? Then, pregnant ladies with head scarf and maternity dress that only knee length? Female teenagers with head scarf but to the head scarf thin, from far I can see her hair.
I don't know. I believe what we wear show who we are, at least it's influenced our first impression. I don't know how or what I can do to make muslimah realised how important to wear properly covered (if they decide to wear it, then do it properly, if they don't want to wear it, that is between you and The Creator, right?) But I think, it is good if I have my own magazine. Yes, Muslimah Chantik Magazine for muslimah....
I want to share my experience. This happened to me about 10 years ago when I first started to work in local advertising agency. During that time, I just graduated, young executive, coloured jahiliah era!
I took public transport to and back from work. I still remember that day I was wearing knee length skirt with a short sleeves shirt. While standing waiting for a bus, I noticed there is one lady in black and white attire, she went from one person to one person whispering something. At first, I thought she is somebody with mental problem till she stop at me and whisper to me "Jesus is son of Allah, follow Jesus and he will save you." (Nauzubillah!) Her voice is so sharp and clear. I can't stop her voice from keep whispering in my mind, it's like you keep playing your favourite song over and over and over again. I repeatedly say the Shahadah, I read Yassin and Quran but still it is there in my mind. I call my friend and later he sister gave me zam zam water.
I talk to my fiance (now is my husband) and he said maybe because they way I dress that attract that lady to stand infront of me and whisper those sentences. Maybe because of my appearance. She didn't go and say the same things to other ladies that properly covered her aurah.
That moments, I decide to wear head scarf and I did it right after I got married (just few months after that incidence).
Hope my story will be useful.
See you next time, insya allah.