Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goodbye Farra!


Last week, I went to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) just to say goodbye to my sister cum ex-office mate cum friend, Farra. She will migrate to other countries to stay with her husband. She's going to stay in a country that I believe not easy for anyone to make decision to live and stay, she's going to Kabul, Afghanistan. Unless she is working with NGO or Red Cross or Mercy or UN, otherwise people will think she's going nuts. Kabul?? What is there except her husband Sifatullah.

No one should judge her, no one should question her decission. As good muslimah, it is her must to follow her husband. It is! And that is what she is doing. I said goodbye to Farra without a shed of tears (I thought there will be drama with running tear drops like river at KLIA when we say goodbye!) but not single tear drop, because I knew she will be happy. Her place is right to her husband and I knew Sifatullah will take a good care of her. She so happy to see me and my family we haven't met for quite sometime after I quit my job. Alhamdulillah we still have Yahoo Messenger...

Few days after her flight to Kabul, we spoke in YM. She sound so happy and she said she never thought Kabul will be that pretty, though army and millitary everywhere and few tanks arround the corner, the rest is just normal. I asked her if she needs to wear Burqa as potrayed by those media, she said no one, no single woman that her met on the street in Kabul wear Burqa, they wear hijab, nice and proper covered they aurah, they wear make up, the woman can go to work, can shop, anything, the woman can do anything just same like us in Malaysia. So, where are those illustrations about how people in Kabul are suffering come from?

Farra said, no one is sufferring, no beggar, no drug addict, no nothing. Kabul practice Hudud, so no one there dare to steal because if one cought stealing even their neighbour has right to cut his hand!! And, just imagine she went to her husband office, with good office equipment plus (this is so not in Malaysia), there is a cook in the office. The cook start prepare lunch at 10am so by lunch hour everybody can eat together, the boss, the clerk, the cleaner, the executive they eat together, everyday..no one need to buy lunch. All on the boss!!! And we said ours is so good. Subhanallah... I am amaze on how such media give so much negative impression on Islamic country...they make us blind.

Attach photos of beloved Farra. She is pretty but she said all muslimah is Kabul much,much prettier than her. Next time when she email me photos of her life in Kabul, I'll let you have a look and we can have a real picture of Kabul, Afghanistan.