Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flipping those pages...

1 place I'll miss the most when i left 1 FA is ....the Popular Book Store (besides JJ, Milanos, n mcm2 tempat lagi..)...too near to our office, bak kata my friend sweet Sophia.."kentut tak hilang bau lagi dah sampai.." too big to left it alone and too inviting to only pass by.

Lately, I have different taste in choosing my book. Dulu, mostly love stories yg meleleh2 air hidung membacanya..or..funny stories...but now still funny but yet more on memoir. And major changes is the year that story happened. During 3 weeks raya 2011 KK trip, I read Billy Brown, I'll Tell Your Mother. I was and i am not sure why i picked this book. Maybe bcoz of the is in black n white. The book is a memoir of a boy name Billy, how he and his family live in London after World War II. How at age of 7, he looked for part time job just for the sake of getting extra pocket money. He started with working part time on Saturday, then he try to work in market on Sunday. The most interesting part, how this young boy looks into all opportunities in front of him, e.g..selling horse shit for Rose garden (budak2 lain sure tak mau..busuk), selling unused fruit boxes for fire wood, selling apple picked from rumah tinggal, etc.etc. The best pat, this book is rather is not normal sad memoir...or kisah sedih kehidupan is different. Try read it..

For those who has adventurous life when u were a kid, you might enjoy this book. But for those who got to spend ur kid's life attending ballet class, piano class, language class....i hope u can understand this book. Apparently, my daughter Juanna just don't get it either. For her.. "why la.. that boy need to do extra work, mak dia tak marah ke..kecik2 lagi dah kerja". Same like she doesn't understand To Kill The Mocking Bird...she just don't get it how come young children can just run across the field, masuk hutan, tangkap burung. She just haven't got chances to enjoy that kind of moment like i did..(of course zaman aku kecik2 takde PS2, internet, bagai) ..sian budak2 zaman skrg.

Now, I am reading The Diary of Young Girl - Anne Frank. This is so true story! It is about Anne Frank, a Jewish girl..(if mak aku tau aku baca buku pasal yahudi..mesti dia berleter...) how she and her family live in secret room they called Secret Annexe just for the sake of saving their lives from German during WWII. The book make us feel the miserable life they felt. 8 of them hiding for 25 weeks++, never go outside, never feel the fresh air breeze, never kiss the rain n never taste the snow flakes for 2 years pluss!! The place is so damp and so dark. In summer it was so hot, in winter it was so cold. And this 14 years old girl has put every words perfectly in her diary, she is so talented..though this book written in Dutch but has been translated into few languages. If you wish to preview the book, you can visit this link

It has complete photo of the family. I haven't finish reading it yet..maybe i can finish it tonight but from the closing n welcome notes of the book, i got to know that Anne died in concentration camp when he was 15. I guess this book makes me lebih bersyukur I don't have go through WWII..but who knows?

Next book...? dah beli dah...a story about black women who work as maid with white families in sounthern US in ke tak? tunguuuuuuu........

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