Monday, October 31, 2011

Bye-bye 1FA, Bye-bye Kilang Ketapi...

Ini adalah monorail betul yg dicipta n di assemblekan oleh warga tempatan n beberapa expatriates n foreign workers. Kilangnya ada di celah2 hutan n semak samun di Rawang. Train ini didatangkan khas dlm 3 warna, biru, hijau n PINK...train drivernye plak..hensem2 n ayu belaka...Kat Kilang ni, selain buat monorail, they all ada jugak jual karipap sedap, n ada jugak segerombolan manusia yg hensem2, comel2 n yg best2 belaka..(ye keee?)

I always have problem whenever I need to say goodbye. I still remember when I was in Darjah 6, i cried a river on my last day..konon2nya sedih sgt lah nak tinggalkan sekolah tu, the teachers n of course the friends.

Then, I cried a river again when I was in Uitm Melaka...konon2nya sedih sgt nak tinggalkan my Pre-Dip class DMC B...

This time, when I want to say bye-bye to my fellow officemate..i tak nangis dah..maybe i dah cry a lot during that miscariage episode...I came to the office last Friday just to do some handover n hugs2 n bye2 here n there..but I was still weak..i've got low my mind was a bit here n there....But, I came out with this poem that i've emailed to..I hope everybody that I worked with...SEB team, SRB team, HRSS team, COMREDs team, etc.. as my final gift to them..

Really enjoy working at that Kilang Keretapi...!

Few months ago, I never think so
To send this email, like those who have sailed
But it seems the day has finally come
For me, to waive my palm

I will remember all the ups and downs
But I will recall only the laughter’s sound
As those memories were rare and different
Coz you all were the ones who make it happened

From viewing CVs and arranging interviews
That was how I got to know some of you
From travel VISA to work permit
That was when I got the chance to get closer to those charming expatriate!
Especially that pink train lover name ROHIT

To those technicians and extrovert engineers
Proud of yourself coz you are the thinkers and doers
Though some time we got sour faces between each other
But most of the time we stand side by side rubbing shoulders!

Just give the best in whatever you are doing
Coz when your parents or kids ask you can proudly tell them
All those stuff about Bogie, Apron, Rolling Stock, T&C, Switches & Signalling
“I am part of the team who make that Monorail moving!”

To Finance Team, Procurement, Marcomm, Legal, Admin & Secretaries
Thank you for kind assistance and make my life like sweet cherries
From PR, PO, TRF, claims, appointments, Form 49 and SAPs
Happiest thing when Admin replenish biscuits and deliver my stationeries!

Dear COMREDS, my red house team
We’re the one who make the rest scream
Winning seldom ...frequently loosing
Without us I don’t think all games will be so enjoying!

Not to forget.. HRSS team
Who always smile and keep on blooming
Who patiently answered my questions and queries
From payroll, entitlement, and also ING

Dear GAME Engineers & those “Fantastic Four”
You’ve touch my heart ever since you walked through that door
I will cherish these whole wonderful years
Next time I’ll see you, you should be wiser and better!

To AUDACIOUS those with great left brain
Please don’t give up, just keep on rollin’
Others may pay thousand just to learn what you do
But you’re so talented, so let’s on that Amp and just be you!

Last but not least, to group of people we called Human Resource
Who always hear me singing from Nirvana, Rihanna to Diana Ross
Thank you for those sweet memories and sharing sessions
I’ve learned a lot, all bunch of lesson

I will miss the most all of you dear friends
And also the coldness of this North Pole, Level 18 branch.
Yeah.. that Google Chat thing which is so interesting
Will you miss my new status every morning?

I hope I’ve done something good to all of you
Maybe not to all, maybe just a few
Hope we can met again another chapter, another part
Very Much Thank You, from the bottom of my heart!

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I can drive.. a monorail. said...

Ah, I'm the sort of ppl who find it tough whenever someone bids goodbye too..teehee. But I'm glad that our paths have been crossed, AND your no-goodbye poem. Kereta ada, ketapi ada.. Tinggal masa and thoughts je kalau tak nak ada. Kan? My 2 cents. All the best kak! Much love :)